Morse Connect

New texting service that lets your customer text you.

Time to let your customers text your business, with Morse Connect! Morse Connect is Business Landline and Toll-Free Texting. For the little guy. For the big guy. For all businesses. We all know, time equals money. And with Morse Connect, you’ll save your customers time (goodbye annoying phone tree) and save your business time as well. For you, more time to do/make/create what you do, and the same for your customers. And perhaps the greatest part of Morse Connect? Business texting helps you connect with your customers 100% of the time. Win. Win.

Landline Texting

  • We’ll text-enable your existing, trusty business landline AND we’ll text-enable your toll-free number too.

Toll-Free Texting

  • We text-enable your existing toll-free number for full texting capabilities. Need a toll free? We’ve got your back.

Personal Responses

  • Just like regular texting, you and your employees can respond on your own. Keeps that intimate customer connection intact.

Unlimited Responses

  • Fully customized. If you can think it, you can set it up. Create as many Auto Responses to typical and all potential questions. Smart.

Simple Dashboard

  • Access your dashboard across all devices; mobile, tablet, computer. See data. Tweak and Manage everything.

Campaign Management

  • The deluxe, white-glove onboarding and monthly campaign management package puts you in the back of the limo, and we do all the driving. This is the best for when you want to talk and we do all the work.

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