Different Types of Websites

A website is your identity on the Internet. What your online visitors see when they type your domain name will create an impression about you or your business. Therefore it’s very important to have a nice, professional and the right website.

There are different types of websites and are classified based on their purposes. Some websites simply provide business information to its visitors, some sites are used to sell and purchase products, some are made to showcase an individual’s portfolio. Therefore, if you’re planning to design a new website or re-design what you have, it’s highly recommended you decide on what kind of website you need and what functionalities it should have.

In this article, we’ll run through different types of commonly built websites. Hopefully, this will help you to have an idea of what exactly you need to go for.

Personal websites

These types of websites are designed to exhibit an individual’s profile. Personal websites can contain a range of information about a particular individual such as personal information, interests, educational information, professional experience, portfolio, testimonials, links to social media and contact information. These kinds of websites are very useful for freelance workers to showcase their work and also professionals to have an online presence.

Brochure type websites

These are usually static websites and are built to provide information about a business. The main purpose of a brochure type website is to have information about the business, its nature, products, services, location, opening hours and contact details. A basic brochure style website can have about 4-5 pages like home, about us, our products, location and contact us.

Information websites

The name itself reflects its kind. The purpose of an information website is simply to serve information about any particular subject. These types of websites can be built focusing on specific keywords such as ‘Nokia Lumia 520’ or an entire subject such as ‘Nokia mobiles’ or even can focus generally as ‘mobile phones’. An information website will contain lots of articles; a good example of this type of website is Blogs.

Social Media websites

Nowadays we are very familiar with these types of websites. Social media is a popular way of social communication. These sites are made in a way of accepting user registrations and letting them have their own profile on the website. Users are allowed to upload and share contents with others. Users can also engage with those contents and with other users. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter are great examples of social media websites.

e-Commerce websites

The purpose of an e-Commerce website is to reach the online market and do business over the internet. An e-Commerce website can be used to sell and buy products or services online. These types of websites will have one or more payment gateways to process online transactions. Popular examples for these kinds of websites are ebay.com and amazon.com.

Educational websites

These types of websites are built by academic institutes or related organizations to provide information about education and courses they offer. It also can have features like user registration etc. to make users engage with the website contents and other registered users. Users of these sites are usually students or the teachers of the institute.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management System is a web-based system used to manage the contents of a website. It will have a user-friendly interface to add, modify or remove contents displayed in a website, users with little or no technical knowledge can perform these tasks easily. CMS can be built for all types of websites discussed above but will add some additional cost for its development. However, it helps to keep the website up-to-date and dynamic.

Well, now you must be having some ideas of what kind of website you need. However, sometimes you may need Hybrid type websites. A hybrid type website incorporates two or more different types of websites or their features to build a comprehensive website that can have more exposure for users and have more features.

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