Create a Healthcare Email Marketing Strategy

Everything from increasing patient appointments to building relationships with new ones requires a healthcare marketing strategy that reaches and delivers value to your audience.

Email marketing allows you to consistently reach your target audience without cutting too much into your packed schedule.

How can healthcare professionals use email marketing effectively?

Start with a strong understanding of your existing patients or clients. Send an online survey to learn what topics they’re interested in and how often they want to receive communications from you.

Need some ideas to get started? Here are three ideas healthcare professionals can add to their marketing strategy:

1. Expert Commentary
Patients don’t come to see you for your slick style or killer one-liners. They come because they perceive you to be a trusted expert in the field.

Reinforce your credibility and earn trust by sharing the latest health news and expert advice in a monthly or biweekly newsletter.

2. Request a Referral
Let your loyal patients and clients spread the good word about your practice. Request referrals and offer incentives for those who do.

This will lead to new quality clients, increased revenue, and strong customer loyalty.

3. Service Reminder/Announcement
Remind patients of your existing services and announce when there are new ones. These can be specific to each client, letting them know when it’s time to schedule a checkup.

Accompany your email with a link where people can easily book appointments online.

Check out the image below for more health professional themed email content ideas and sending tips.
~ Rustin Nethercott