What Qualities Make a Good Habit?

As you begin creating new habits in order to live the best life ou can, you might wonder exactly what habits work best, and hether or not the ones you have formed are really going to benefit you. 

Here are some of the qualities of the best and healthiest habits:

It Has Purpose
The first quality any good habit should have is that it has purpose. It is not a habit just to do the habit, but it actually benefits you in some way. For example, you are making a habit of doing yoga every morning because it is good for your mind and body, and doing it in the morning helps to energize you for the day. If you write in your journal each evening, that habit is great for your mental health. These are signs that you have created some good habits. However, if you can’t really find the point of one of your habits, it is time to move on to something else.

It Helps Short-Term AND Long-Term
Another quality to keep in mind is that it is not only helping you now, but has potential lasting results. A habit that is only going to help you in the short-term might not be worth doing for too long. Think about habits that are good for weight loss, for example. A habit that helps you now, like being on a super restrictive diet, is only going to help you until you reach the weight loss goal you set out. It is better to choose weight loss habits that will help you keep the weight off and be happier in the long-term, like adding in more healthy foods, exercising each day, and drinking more water.

It Doesn’t Cause You More Stress
Some habits might still fit the other criteria for being good habits, but for you personally, they are just causing you too much stress. This often happens when it is either too complex for your life right now, you started it too quickly, or it just doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle. If you barely get up now on time, setting your alarm for an hour earlier to try and fit in meditation or mindfulness before work is probably not going to be suitable to your lifestyle. Try to think of another way to achieve the goal you want, without having to make it harder for you to stick to.