SHOP Local Program

The SHOPLocal program allows local businesses to become SHOP.COM partners, enabling SHOP.COM customers to earn Cashback with every purchase made offline at those stores.
Here is how it works:

Seamless Solution - SHOP.COM requires no additional hardware, staff training, or effort from your business. Simply join the SHOPLocal network and we will begin working to drive NEW customers to you, increase revenue and repeat customers.
Increase Exposure - SHOP.COM influences consumers through enticing offers and loyalty rewards, Cashback! Members use the mobile app and website to discover new and exciting places to eat and drink.

Instantly Rewarding - Members simply link their VISA/MC/AMEX cards to the SHOP.COM network and use them at participating SHOPLocal businesses to instantly earn and be notified of earning Cashback. The result? More NEW SHOP.COM local consumers and increased spending from your favorite customers.