Don’t Let Your Setback Set You Back

Have you ever worked on a project and experienced setback after setback? It’s extremely frustrating and makes you want to just give up. I have words for you & your frustrations, success is not an option but a destination and in turn failure is not an all. How you choose to deal with your setbacks determines your success or failure. Overcome your setbacks with these ‘quick tips’:

Determine what the exact problem is

  • You know you are frustrated and about to blow a gasket but what is the root cause. We can stew all day about the fact that we were unable to complete a task or we can fix the exact problem that stopped us in our tracks. In creating this workbook for the #SSC2015 my flash-drive broke in half & my files crashed 5 times. I thought maybe this just isn’t for me but the information was just flowing through me & I had to share it in my vision of this workbook. The root of my problem was my laptops configuration & memory.

Address how it makes you feel

  • Is your anger worth you give up? Was it a smart decision to toss your mouse against the wall or fire your administrative assistant? Calm down & step away from your project. If possible step away until the second half of your day or for the rest of the day. Coming back to your project after rejuvenating yourself be just what you need to re-think what went wrong or find what halted your progress.

Are there any environmental factors

  • Now I have not researched feng shui, but I do know that your environment plays an important part in your creativity. Traditional & home offices alike need to be designed for optimal productivity. Try natural sunlight, cleared out spaces, & fresh air. Just don’t go over board and get so comfortable that you sleep the rest of the day away….It’s been known to happen.

List possible modifications to give you your desired outcome

  • You may just need a quick fix to your problem. Making a list of all changes to your plan can help you choose what the best re-route will be. Always have a back to your original plan. If possible completely outsource your project.. Build a team & designate tasks.

Power through

  • Absolutely, positively, do not give in to your frustrations. Shake it off & keep going. If you want to play hard you need to work hard. To continue on your path to success you need to power through whatever he setback is & keep pushing.