Work Blue Bird, Work

Twitter Marketing for your small business, adding New School tactics to the Old School platform

Previously, your business marketing plan would have consisted of the following steps.

Finding your ideal customer. A guessing game requiring trial & error of statistics findings that may or may not be accurate but you’re about to place your plan into action based on them hoping to find the lead that will fit the criteria that you put together.

Constructing a marketing plan to reach your ideal customer. Plan out those sales, coupons, deals, and advertisements. Don’t mark this off, it is still very import to do but incorporate it into your new plan

Checking your analytics. Reminds me of PDCA. Plan Do Check Act. At this point figure what worked what did not and start over again

Surveying. Great tool that will also still be used. How did the client learn about your brand? Magazine, print, TV, word of mouth, where, etc.

These steps are what worked successfully for every business owner but if you’d like to move your business into the next century you may need to incorporate new age tactics to your plan. The new age tactic we’re talking about is Social Media more specifically to this post is utilization of Twitter to gain your leads and customers. To do so you may want to tweak your steps slightly. Here’s what we recommend you doing:

  1. Target & the “#FollowBack”. Directly follow the people that have an interest in what your company is putting out there. For instance, natural hair & hair care see to be a big thing on the market right now, so if I was selling natural hair care products I would search the hashtag(#) natural hair and it would look like this #NaturalHair or #NaturalHairCare. Then, I would follow all those that had an interest & were tweeting about it. Majority of the time people will follow you back (#TeamFollowBack, #FollowBack, #TeamFB) and BAMM, those are your leads. Then if you are really lucking they will retweet you.
  2. Organize the content & invites. Plan, schedule, and/or automate your content as well as invite these same people to your other social media sites such as your Facebook & Google+. Post those awesome attention grabbing pictures along with your website information, inviting these leads to keep clicking
  3. Blog. Keep a blog and provide links back to your blog in your tweets. Don’t forget your hashtags(#)
  4. Analyze. Follow the same steps of 3 and 4 on the old school plan. You still need to understand what worked and what did not work. Where did they get wind of your business? What is their opinion of your business, as well as your business tactics? Now a days it’s a bit easier to do thanks to Yahoo, Google, Hootsuite etc because all to analytics for your online presence.

What you should really be getting out of all this is:

  • The ability to connect with an actual lead instead of simply putting yourself out there and hoping that someone will find you.
  • Be able to implement a money & time saving strategy by connecting with those who are truly interested
Thanks to the inter-webs people are doing their word of mouth via word of mouse, so get in there and make that blue birdy work for you.

~Simplified VA