Print or Digital Media

Stop fighting it. 
Digital Media is here to stay. What is considered digital media? I'm talking about emails, blogging sites, social networking services, social sharing sites, community building services, geolocation & meeting services, as well as social news services. 
From the year 2010 to 2012 there was a 21.6% increase in the daily usage of digital media for consumers of the ages 13-64, according to a social usage study. It's important for the small business owner to engage it's potential leads via digital media. 

Unfortunately for all the older forms of media such as newspapers, flyers, "snail" mail , and TV their usefulness is dwindling. Take the Super Bowl commercials this year, there were 30 commercials posted online before the big day even came. A typical Super Bowl will have from 50 to 60 national ad spots that run. This means about 50% to 60% of those are already online. 
Don't completely count print media out. 
It still serves a purpose. The public has done a lot to stray away from print due to the environment thus contributing to the incline in use of digital media. Being thankful for our recycling efforts that concern has dimmed and we can print on.
When building your brand & reaching out to the communities you have to consider the individual consumer. The individual consumer prefers a more personal approach. They want to see something post-stamped & addressed directly to them. Yes it's time consuming & compared to free online resources it can drain your wallets a tad bit but you'll receive a better response back for your efforts. 
Take some time to devise an Overall Media Strategy Plan that works for you and your business. Consider ALL types of media and the BEST way to utilize each one for your business.

~Simplified VA