Sync Eventbrite to Instagram

There's a new integration Eventbrite and Instagram, you can now add a call-to-action button to your Instagram business profile to drive more interest to your event listing page or profile on Eventbrite. To add a “Get Tickets” button, tap “Edit Profile,” then select “Contact Options” > “Add additional action.” Choose Eventbrite as your partner, then enter your Eventbrite URL. Head back to your profile to confirm.

NOTE: In order to take advantage of this feature, you must have an Instagram business profile and have updated their app to Instagram's latest version.

Why should I add a call-to-action button?
1. Turn more interest into ticket sales.
People viewing your Instagram profile and posts are likely interested in attending your events or shows, but they may not be willing to put in the extra effort to find out how to purchase tickets. With a clear, bold “Get Tickets” button on your profile, casual browsers can become attendees in just a few simple taps.

2. Efficiently grow your audience.
Instagram can get your event in front of the 200 million people who check out brand profiles daily—and the 30% of people who have purchased something that they first saw on Instagram. See our Guide to Instagram for Event Marketing for more details.

3. Sell more tickets by simplifying the checkout on Eventbrite.
When a buyer purchases a ticket via our Instagram integration, any personal information stored in their Facebook account (first name, last name, and email address) gets automatically pulled in, making their purchase as effortless as possible. The fewer steps in a checkout, the more likely a buyer is to complete their purchase.

4. Track sales from Instagram on your Event Dashboard.
Your Event Dashboard will display all sales attributed to your “Get Tickets” button on Instagram, helping you stay informed and make better business decisions about your social media activity, including your Instagram advertising.

How do I add a call-to-action button to my Instagram profile?

1. Select “Edit Profile,” then tap “Contact Options.”


On your profile page, tap the “Edit Profile” button. Then tap “Contact Options” in the Business Information section.

2. Select “Add additional action.”

On the Contact Options page, tap “Add additional action.”

NOTE: If you’re going back to edit this later, this button will now read “Get Tickets Link.”

3. Select Eventbrite as your partner.

Tap “Partner,” select “Eventbrite,” then tap “Next.”
4. Add your Eventbrite URL.

In the URL field, enter the link for your Eventbrite profile or event listing, then tap “Done.”

5. View your “Get Tickets” button.

Navigate back to your profile page to view your new “Get Tickets” button.

How can I track the performance of my “Get Tickets” button?
Use a tracking pixel.
  • To monitor the success of this integration, you can implement a Facebook pixel. This will allow you to track visitors and conversions to your Eventbrite page resulting from users who tap your “Get Tickets” button on Instagram. You can also retarget users and build lookalike audiences based on those who did or did not make a purchase.

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