Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing

As a busy entrepreneur, there are only so many hours in the day to accomplish all of your required tasks. The typical business owner starts the day arranging what should be done immediately, what can wait for later, and can be put off for another day. Imagine how much more work would be accomplished if you were to outsource some of those tasks. Below is a list of a few tasks that can be successfully outsourced to a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager.

Social Media Management:

  • Reaching out to your audience via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. can be very time consuming. VAs and OBMs are proficient in scheduling posts, responding to messages and comments, and building professional profiles to build your brand.

Event Planning

  • From picking the date & venue to sending invites & making seating arrangements. These awesome professionals are able to go from start to finish in organizing your event and even send thank you notes to wrap everything up.

Website Maintenance

  • Not all VAs or OBMs are proficient in website design, but the majority of them do offer maintenance or content updates on your websites

Email Management and Marketing

  • Best tip of the day, please outsource your emailing to save hours. Screening emails, sending correspondences, and inform you of important emails requiring your attention. Email marketing campaigns can be set up, implemented, and analyzed by a well-trained VA, as well as list segmentation and template designs.


  • The majority if not all VAs are proficient, and possibly certified, in various bookkeeping programs with the most popular one being Quickbooks.

Blog Writing and Sharing

  • Maintain a blog for your business to increase your CTRs and SEO by outsourcing. Along with having the blog posts written you, you can also have your posts shared on various content sharing sites.


  • This task does not need a description. Researching o find specific information or to compile certain lists can be tiring and boring.


  • We like to call this recorded dictation but this task can also be outsourced. Have keynotes and documents typed out and filed.


  • PowerPoints, Keynotes, and attendee packets, if needed, can all be put together by a VA

Product Launch

  • Launch your business or new product with proper public relations, press releases, and marketing efforts, by outsourcing the entire project to an OBM or VA

Manage Client/Customer Relationships

  • Assessment forms, appreciation gifts, surveys, as well as maintain a CRM are all tasks that can be managed by being outsourced

Remember when seeking out a virtual assistant or online business manager, you should inquire about their specialty. Most of these virtual professionals have honed their skills in a particular area, Real Estate, Marketing, Paralegal, Medical, or just general administrative services. Make sure your newly contracted partner is an advocate of your brand and build a good rapport with him or her so that you successfully grow your business.