Summer Summer Summertime

It is not the time for business owners to take a break for the season. In fact it is just the opposite.
Let Will Smith's Summertime encourage your business this summer

Attention small business owner I know it is “summer, summer, summertime” but it is not “time to sit back and unwind” nor is it time to

Put your car on cruise and lay back ‘cause this is summertime.

If anything you need to set the summertime business/marketing plan into action. Everyone else is off for the summer, taking vacations here, there, and everywhere, or better yet people are taking ‘stay-cations’  which is favorable for the small business owner.

Why are stay-cations favorable? Your consumer is staying local and has more time to invest into local businesses. Unlike when an individual is working and unable to see what the local business has to offer because of the regular hustle and bustle. Normally they are ordering online or shopping at the extremely large kinda sort of convenient department store (which looks good but is actually bad for all of us in the long run). The consumer was able to save a little dough by staying home for whatever reason, so when they stop past your store front or find your calls to action on social media they can say I’m going there and get that.

With more people strolling into town to visit family, it’s the best time to show off your wares. Ever heard of a tourist trap? Well, with visitors coming into town that is what you want your business to be, to get that cash flow rolling in. The family they are visiting are going to be organizing day trips and you better be ready in case they stumble upon your business on social media. Yes people plan via social media. It’s like a virtual magazine on their phone, “Hey, let’s go here”. If you have a store front BE READY. Have a plan, get your staff ready (or yourself if it’s just you) and work it.

And with a pen and pad, I compose this rhyme
To hit you and get you equipped for the summertime

So with this QWERTY keyboard, I’m composing a call to action for the small business owner to get equipped for the summertime. (You see what I did there? LOL) Start rolling out those deals. Start rolling out the content that is going to pull in those leads. Social media, blogging, sales, ads (print & digital). What ever your favorites are use them and start using some new resources as well.

~Simplified VA

For your viewing pleasure, a classic summertime song: