Spring into Action

Spring into Action
My favorite time of the year is Springtime. The sign of New Beginnings. Time for the Red-Breasted Robin to start digging up worms & building nests. Daffodils sprouting from the ground. The all time favorite, Cherry Blossoms blooming from their trees. Not only is spring the season for God to bring new beginnings to nature but it's the best time to revisit your business plan.

Business plans are not meant to be made so you can receive the loan from the bank and then be left to collect dust. To make best of your business and maintain your brand you should frequently revisit your business plan.

In the beginning of each new season there is a new energy that flows through people. Spring's energy happens to be new life. Breath new life into your business.

Brew a cup of your favorite roast or steep a bag of the best tea and make time to review your company's business plan. Give your self a good 3-4 hours to just sit an reflect your company. Ask your self few questions:

Where was my company?
Where is my company?
Where do I want to take my company?

These are some very honest questions every business owner should take some time to reflect upon during spring. That new life energy may be just what the business owner needs to breath new life into his or her business. Evaluate and analyze was has worked as well as what has not worked. Ponder about the new ideas and possibilities. Determine your new strategy and map out each step. Size up and figure out what others in the industry are doing.

~Simplified VA